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Training the new generations on the skills for the professions of tomorrow, those in highest demand in the job market, e.g. digital skills in the IT sector. 

Secure a fair access to these training opportunities, creating the conditions in which disadvantaged persons can realize their full potential as individuals and as professionals.

Context overview

In Italy there is a severe shortage of IT qualified professionals.

Still, in 2022 more than 2 millions of young Italians between 18 and 34 years fell into the NEET* category.

And yet, in 2022 100K+ migrants entered Italy (+55.8% compared to 2021) of which a sizable number with relevant educational backgrounds, experience and a desire to start, or restart, a career in this country.

Therefore, these young people could provide a solution to such lack of skills, by discovering untapped talent​s.

*NEET: Not in Education, Employment or Training

The programme

A multi faceted and phase-based programme, open to the most vulnerable categories such as young italian, refugees and migrants to approach the IT sector and ultimately find a job.

The programme is conceptualized and initiated by Fondazione Italiana Accenture ETS and promoted and supported together with a number of prestigious partners:  Fondazione Vodafone Italia, The Human Safety Net, Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore, Fondazione Conad ETS, Accenture Italy, UNHCR and other supporter

Upon an accurate and specific selection, the programme provides to the participants: free basic equipment and tools, a path of 2 levels of ONLINE IT training (in Italian and in English), mentorship, financial support and support in the job placement.

ReadyForIT was selected by the  Fondo per la Repubblica Digitale as a project worthy of obtaining a contribution of approx. 1 million Euros in order to validate the effectiveness Fondo per la Repubblica Digitale of its training model and encourage its growth. The path financed by the Digital Republic Fund has been called ReadyForIT+ and includes courses that are developed between July 2023 and June 2024, and aim at training 350 young NEETs and accompany them to enter the world of work in the IT sector.

Main objectives
  • Empowering the professional career and life of vulnerable categories.
  • Building a scalable value chain, to unleash their potential, talent and passion​.
  • Leading them to give their best contribution to society and address the shortage of IT professionals in Italy.
Video presentation of the programme
October 2022
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IT Training
LEVEL I - Restore Employability​

IT support & Cyber Security (3-months courses ONLINE)​

  • Level I courses are free for students as costs are covered by the donations of philanthropic organizations​
  • Basic knowledge of Italian (minimum B1)
  • Low/Medium tech complexity​
  • Cisco Certificate​
  • Elements of Foundational Teamwork Skills​
  • Focused on coaching and motivational mentoring​
  • Preparation for job interviews with potential employer companies.


Level I courses are delivered by Academy Rapido

IMPORTANT: during Level I courses students decide whether they prefer to find a job and work after the course or to continue studying and apply for a Level II specialised course (it is advised to start participation immediately after Level I courses)

LEVEL II - IT Specialization​

Web/mobile Development, Data Analytics and Cyber Security (3-12 months courses ONLINE)​

  • ​The Level II courses are fee-based for students but loans from investors to students (with no interest) to cover the cost of the courses (ISA-Income Share Agreement model)​ are provided
  • Medium/high tech complexity​
  • Possibility to get prepaid cards to purchase food stuffs during the courses
  • Preparation for job interviews with potential employer companies.


Level II courses are issued by the best Italian Tech Academies, and are available for students trough the ISA-Income Share Agreement tool available on Talents Venture Platform

IMPORTANT: upon specific selection process, students can access Level II courses directly, without attending Level I courses.

Download the UNHCR guide to businesses for the employment of refugees
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