Assist us in sourcing refugees and migrants ready for the information technology (IT) - ReadyforIT

A competition to support organizational models capable of selecting migrants and refugees for inclusion in IT courses to enable a better future for them and for society.
We are pleased to announce that the project “IT x Te: Percorso di inclusione lavorativa in ambito IT” by Croce Rossa Italiana Comitato di Milano is the winner of ReadyforIT

The conflict in Ukraine has generated a new wave of refugees and displaced persons, creating an emergency across Europe. In Italy, the new arrivals are swelling the number of migrants already here, and more continue to present every day as they flee from humanitarian crises caused by wars, famine, drought and destitution in countries across Africa and Asia. 

Data from recent years point to an evolution in migrant flows. Clear patterns are emerging based on the nature of the crisis impacting their countries of origin, determining differences in the numbers who migrate and their characteristics (gender, age, education, profession, aspiration to settle in Italy). 

In 2021, for example, more than 66,000 migrants entered Italy—up 97% on 2020. 74% are male. And of the approximately 4.000 people who entered from Afghanistan alone since 2021, 2.500 are adults and most are well-educated and proficient in English. Another 1,200 Afghans are forecast to arrive in Italy between 2022 and 2023 through approved humanitarian corridors.
In the first half of March 2022, 95,000 people arrived from Ukraine. Of these, 50% are women, 35% are minors and 15% are men.   

These data indicate the size of the challenge. But these newcomers also bring the promise of untapped talent. ReadyForIT aims to help qualifying organizations identify and implement ways of placing them on a path to careers in IT. 

That makes sense. Today there is a severe – and worsening – shortage of IT professionals in Italy, at a time when, paradoxically, we are hosting sizable numbers of migrants with relevant educational backgrounds, work experience and a desire to start, or restart, their career in IT.      
In parallel, interest is growing in the for-profit world to develop training and job placement programs to help migrants and refugees play a meaningful part in Italian society. But it is not proving easy to identify young people with the right basis to undertake training for a future in IT. Here, there is a bridge to be built. 

ReadyForIT wants to help by creating a new value chain that links frontline organizations that manage migrant arrival and preliminary integration with those that provide professional training for the IT sector. To create that link, we are looking for organizations with the capability to develop new organizational models that can efficiently match the new supply of untapped talent and the growing demand for qualified IT resources.

Central to the social mission of our Promoters is a commitment to train the new generations for the professions of tomorrow. And chief among those is the digital IT sector.

Promoters also want to assure fair access to these training opportunities and aim to create the conditions in which disadvantaged persons – including, but not limited to, migrants – can realize their full potential as individuals and as professionals.

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Who can participate?

We welcome nonprofit and business entities (also in partnerships and alliances) based in Italy, who have a track record in onboarding, supporting and integrating migrants and refugees in Italy, and whose main purpose is to generate a positive socio-economic impact.

ReadyForIT" is appropriate for entities that are already active in promoting the social inclusion of migrants and refugees and in helping them achieve greater personal awareness and autonomy

“ReadyForIT” does not foreseen the delivery of training course on Information Technology; is not aimed at entities that organize training courses, but rather entities capable of intercepting migrants and refugees ready for IT (information technology).


“ReadyForIT" aims to support participants in designing and developing targeted pathways to select young migrants for insertion on a journey to study IT by helping them, for example, to learn the Italian language and English up to Level B, obtain a permit to reside and work in Italy, understand the basics of employment law in Italy, and develop a passion for digital and IT.   

"ReadyForIT" aims to identify innovative organizational models that are possibly the result of alliances between the profit and nonprofit worlds, and which can be used to build a future in which migrants can unleash their full potential, talent and passion to make their best contribution to society and the economy. 

Evaluation criteria

The jury, which is made up of selected Promoters, will evaluate the submissions based on the following:

  • Efficacy in developing integration processes that achieve personal autonomy and awareness in those who have the potential to undertake a course of professional training in IT;
  • Measurability of the project proposed 
  • Qualitative and quantitative scalability and sustainability
  • Quality and quantity of the existing competencies to be involved in realizing the project.
PHASE A – Submission
from May 6 until June 7, 2022

Completed submissions must be sent between 10:00am CET on Friday, May 6, and 10:00am CET on Tuesday, June 7, 2022. 

To send your submission: 

  • Go to
  • Register your organization on the idea360 platform, or login if already registered
  • Click “Participate” to open the submission form
  • Complete the form
  • Submit your project
PHASE B – Selection
from June 7 until June 20, 2022

The jury, which is made up of selected Promoters, will evaluate the submissions on idea360, the digital platform proprietary to Fondazione Italiana Accenture, and make its selection.

PHASE C – Announcement
June 20, 2022

The jury will communicate the projects selected on the ReadyForIT platform and on the Promoters’ social channels.

PHASE D: Award and Support
from June 20 until December 10, 2022 - with the possibility of implementation in 2023

The Promoters will release the award in cash and consulting support in the manner and timeframe agreed with the winning organizations to accelerate the realization of the projects and monitor the results achieved.

Support for the winning organizations

The Promoters will make available € 150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand Euros) to a maximum of 2 (two) of the organizations selected. Those organizations will receive: 

  • A cash contribution of up to € 100,000 (one hundred thousand Euros). The payment modality and timeframe will be agreed upon with the organizations selected. 
  • A contribution in kind worth € 50,000 (fifty thousand Euros) to accompany the project and facilitate its development.
Who can participate?
Qual è l’obiettivo del bando?

Il bando ha l'obiettivo di intercettare ragazzi e ragazze migranti e rifugiati con interesse e potenziale di intraprendere percorsi IT e lavorare nel settore.

Le azioni progettuali sono sia di "profilarli", selezionarli e prepararli per poter essere inseriti in percorsi formativi IT specializzanti, erogati da altri. 


Sono un ente PROFIT, posso candidarmi?

SI, il bando è aperto a enti profit e non profit.

Posso candidarmi insieme ad altri enti/organizzazioni?

È consigliato presentarsi creando dei partenariati / alleanze con altri enti, anzi privilegeremo le proposte in grado di coprire tutta la filiera per poter aumentare l’intercettazione e la preparazione di migranti e rifugiati da inserire in percorsi IT. Ma non è obbligatorio, è possibile anche presentare una candidatura di un solo ente.

Il mio ente è registrato all’estero e non in Italia, posso candidarmi?

SI, ma solo se le attività dell’ente si svolgono anche in Italia

Il bando prevede che tra le attività del progetto ci sia l'erogazione di corsi in IT?

NO, il bando prevede la selezione e preparazione dei migranti e rifugiati pronti per essere inseriti in corsi di formazione specializzanti nel settore IT -  che verranno poi erogati da altri soggetti.

Quale livello di italiano devono avere i migranti che vengono selezionati?

É importante che le organizzazioni preparino i migranti perché abbiano un livello di italiano sufficiente per iniziare a lavorare in un’azienda italiana; nella fase di preparazione all’inserimento della formazione si prevede che l’ente vincitore li segua attivamente nell’apprendimento della lingua italiana.  l’inglese non necessario perché molti di loro già lo parlano e i corsi nel settore IT saranno sia in italiano che inglese. 

Che cosa in concreto si deve considerare nella voce budget?

Potete considerare le risorse che avete bisogno per realizzazione delle azioni, le strutture tecnologiche per la digitalizzazione dei processi di profilazione etc.

Cosa significa numerosità beneficiari raggiunti direttamente negli ultimi 12 mesi?

Si intende il numero di stranieri come migranti economici di paesi terzi e rifugiati che la vostra organizzazione ha seguito direttamente. 

Cosa significa numerosità beneficiari raggiunti indirettamente negli ultimi 12 mesi?

Si intende migranti economici e rifugiati che hanno beneficiato indirettamente delle iniziative del vostro ente 

Il bando intende sostenere solo migranti Ucraini?

No, non si intende migranti specificatamente Ucraini ma si intende sostenere migranti (economici da paesi terzi) e rifugiati da vari paesi e nazionalità (inclusi da Ucraina, Afganistan, etc).

Cosa si intende per Totale dei Proventi nell'ultimo anno fiscale?

Si fa riferimento ai proventi complessivo dell’organizzazione. Se c’è molta differenza tra i proventi dell’organizzazione con quelli dedicati all’inclusione, potete indicare nella presentazione del progetto la % dei proventi relativa ai progetti rivolti all’inclusione di migranti e rifugiati.

Cosa deve contenere l’allegato Presentazione del progetto?

La Presentazione del progetto è un documento di approfondimento del progetto; alcune informazioni possono essere le stesse di quelle inserite nel form altre descritte in maniera più esaustiva e con informazioni aggiuntive che ritenete valide/opportuno per presentare meglio la candidatura. 

É anche un'azione del progetto dare una prima formazione informatica?

No, la formazione informatica viene erogata da altri una volta che sono pronti per iniziare i corsi 

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UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, protects people forced to flee their homes because of conflict and persecution. The Agency works in over 130 in over 130 countries, protecting millions of people by responding with life-saving support, safeguarding fundamental human rights and helping them build a better future.